About Us

Company History:

KuangJan Ltd. was established in 1979 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The company moved the manufacturing department to Cheongsam, Guangdong, China in 2003 for larger scale production capacity to meet increased demands. In 2005 our oversea sales department opened its door to our abroad customers in Alberta, Canada as Y2WARE Ltd. Y2, the Brand Name Widely Known to Customers oversea, was trademarked in 2006 as the Symbol of Yes Twice to Quality and Durability. In 2014 SaraLite, an Enhanced Material to Replace Melamine, was Applied to our Products Worldwide to Distinguish Our Quality Dishware to Other Brands. Up-to-Date Y2WARE Products are Distributed in over 53 Countries in the World with the Best quality Dinnerware known as SaraLite. Numerous Product Quality Tests by Various World Organizations and Certificates are Available upon Request. From the Beginning Stage of Manufacturing to the Recent Stage of Innovation through Designs and  Management, We have Strived to Achieve the Best Quality Dishware While reduce its Cost. As a Result, Many Customers Including Hospitals, Senior Care Institutes, Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Vendors, Outdoor Venues, Mobile Food Booths, Wholesales, Retailers, and End Users Have Trusted Y2WARE in every Food Servicing Industries. Our Management Goal is to Provide the Best Quality Products to Our Customers with Reasonable Costs.


No Business Can Survive Without Continuous Innovation, Integration and Management. That is Why Y2WARE Keeps Investing Manufacturing and Designing Facilities in China. Currently there are Four Manufacturing Facilities in China.

Quality Dinnerware, Reasonable Capital & Operational Costs and Great Business Relationship are Keys in the Future Planning of Y2WARE. We Believe that Our Quality Dishware has Moved or Will Move Your Business and Y2WARE Forward.

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