Y2 Brand

Yes Twice to Quality and Durability
KuangJann Brand was First Introduced in Taiwan in 1979 to focus on Product Quality and Durability. In Year 2000 when Y2K became popular on Information and Computer Technologies, KuangJann Company Realized the Importance of Quality Brand and its Influence on User Confidence from Customers. In the Same Year, Y2 Brand was Trade Marked (TM) and Registered. Along with the Introduction of Y2 Brand, an Innovation and Design Department was Initiated at the Company to Enhance Overall Satisfaction for Customers.
The Brand, Y2, has Received Numerous Praises and Recognitions, and Represents the Ways of Quality, Innovation, Durability and Satisfaction in Dishware Business.The Y2 Brand is Supported and Assured with a Solid Production Team focusing on Product Processes and Quality Controls and a Design and Development Team Bringing the Inheritance of Thousands Years of Chinese Crafts, the Fusion of Japanese and Korean Cultural Essences and the Aesthetic Product Lines. Y2, a Trustable and Reliable Brand for Every Food and Drink Related Occasions and Industries.

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